Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dinner Tonight...

Rich made this yummy pasta dish tonight! We are not sure what type of pasta he used...it was squiggly and in the cabinet. He added red and yellow bell peppers with fresh basil from our garden (it is really the only thing that produced...), shrimp, and a white cream sauce. It was soo good! Rich says he will give the recipe upon request..ha!

Sunday, August 15, 2010


At the end of July I went to Newport, RI to see one of my dear friends Elizabeth Ann, graduate from OCS, which is Officer Candidate School for the Navy. We had a blast and Newport is soo cute I want to go back soon!

We at the Cook House in downtown Newport after Elizabth Ann's graduation
Eilizabeth Ann and her sword

As we were walking downtown we decided we needed a little rest... we stumbled upon this great hotel called 41N and made ourselves at home in there outdoor lounge area.
Life size chess set!

The girls about to set sail...definitely one of the highlights of the trip!

Ann Marie at the wheel
Elizabeth Ann and her Mom..they look like sisters!

My delicious spinach and ricotta ravioli
The last supper!


I need a new couch and loveseat so bad! The problem is I am being really picky about whole thing... all I know is that I want a camel back... I have now ideal what upholstery I want. I have been on a RED kick for awhile now and painted my coffee table red but I am ready to go back BLUES/GREENS and tans... I am funny in that if this was anyone elses decision I could make it in a heartbeat, but since it is mine I'm having trouble!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Copper 'Possum

I recently spent a week in South Alabama visiting with family and relaxing on the beach. This however, can only keep one occupied for a short time. So my Aunt Sue suggested that we go check out the new "junk store" she discovered. This was very exciting because good "junkin" places are few and far between down there.
So we being my mom, sister, cousin, aunt, and great aunt Agnus all piled into the mini-van and headed to Milton, FL. Our first stop was the Blackwater Bistro, which was really cute and tasty!

The girls waiting patently for lunch...while the food was good we hit the lunch crowd at its peak and did have to wait awhile. If you ever go I would recommend a early or late lunch as this seemed to be a hot spot for the locals.
This was my turkey wrap with cranberry chutney spread and a side of pasta salad. The wrap was delicious and the pasta salad was nothing I couldn't make at home...
Mom's chicken salad
Second stop the Copper 'Possom
The gals checkin out the goods
Cute end table
I loved the white cabinet in the corner.
The only purchase of the day was made by Mallory my cousin. She bought these industrial crates, the one on the right can sit on the floor and the on the left is more like a shelf...both soo great! I can't wait to see what she does with them.