Friday, March 29, 2013

Getting Organized

I am about to start doing some deep spring cleaning/organizing and I will living by this phrase below!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Maxi Dresses

I am a fan of maxi dresses for two reasons:
1. You can just throw it on and go and you don't have to actually worry about putting together and outfit.
2. I am so pale or "fair skinned" as I like to call it, I don't like to wear shorts or skirts that often because I am self conscious of my legs.  
So a maxi is great because it is floor length and covers my chicken legs.

Here are three under $30!

Forever 21 $15.50

Old Navy $25.00- I bought this a couple weeks ago and love it because it is really soft and not clingy.

H & M $19.95

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Before & After

Bookshelf Makeover


I purchased this bookshelf at a yard sale for a whopping $2.  It was covered in crusty black paint but had potential.

I started standing and the black paint came off like coal dust.

More standing uncovered some yellow paint and the original white top coat.  I sanded the entire bookcase until all surfaces were smooth (this took awhile).  I them applied 3 coats of my free Clark-Kensington paint in Anchors Away gray.


I put the bookcase right along the wall right by the garage where we enter and exit the house most days.  It has become a great landing spot for keys, wallets, and sunglasses.

For only $2 and some elbow grease I think it turned out pretty cute!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekend Happenings

Here is what we have been up to the last couple of weekends...

We hit up a couple yard sales and came home with these goodies.

I am working on painting this book shelf and side table with my free paint from Ace Hardware!

I have been enjoying the tray Rich built me out of pallets.

Right now I have it filled with Camellias and magnolia pods from our yard.

This weekend Rich and the gang participated in the 1st annual Chattanooga Challenge.  They ran a total of 8 1/2 miles and had to stop to complete various obstacles along the way.
Such as...

Crawling under 8 Volkswagen Passats.

Pushing blocks of ice in front of the aquarium.  Go Adam!

Scaling a caboose at the Chattanooga Choo!

Climbing over the See Rock City barn.

And finally making it to the finish line!!! Way to go Laura, Danny, Rich, and Adam!  Next year I may give it a go...

After watching Rich I had worked up quite the appetite so we stopped by Jackson's Bakery for some thumbprint cookies! 

We can't get enough of this little guy!  I never thought I would say that about a dog...those of you who know me know I have never been an animal person!

We discovered some visitors at our front door.  For the past two years I have had birds build nests in my wreaths!  I guess we need to be more observant so we can get the nests removed before eggs are laid.  

Hope you all enjoyed the first weekend of spring!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Farmhouse Sisters

My mom and her best friend Kim have started a booth at Trestle Side Antiques in Ringgold,GA!  Their booth if full of wonderful things priced to sell! 

Should be fun, come visit!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Spring Mantel

 I just redid my mantel for Spring.  I have also been playing around with decorating the breakfast area.

To start, lets talk about my fireplace/mantel.  This was my inspiration.  Even before I had a fireplace I always loved the look of filling the fireplace with books when it was not in use.

I went to Mckays (a used book store) and literally took every book they had in the "free bin".  Whatever books the store does not think they can sell they place in bins right outside the store for people to take at no cost.  

At one point a gentleman said, "Wow you must read a lot" and I said "no, I am putting these in my fireplace..."  He immediately raised his eyebrows in alarm as he thought I was going to burn the books haha...

I had to layer the books because my fireplace is so deep.

Then I ripped off the covers to expose the spine of the books.

I was pretty pleased with the final product.  I think it would look better if I did not have stacked stone.  The combination of the stone and the books is pretty busy but I still like it.

I finally found an old Scrabble game at a thrift store and was so excited to use it.

Things in the rest of the room and looking pretty primitive... Never thought I would like primitives(my mom adores them) funny how children are like their parents in so many ways.

I finally hung this old ladder.

I am debating whether or not I need something under it...I leaning towards no.

The "whopper jaw" which is a hand me down from my mom has found a place in the corner.  I have topped it with my small crock collection and a picture of my great grandmother and her home place looks over it.  Miss her, she was such a special lady.  So glad I got spend so much time with her as a child, wonderful memories!

On top of the table my mom got out of the garbage is a trough that Rich built me out of pallets.  I think I am going to fill it with magnolia pods.

It has changed quite a bit!  That tile give me chills...

*Any suggestions are welcome!  I am liking it but I do not want it to feel too old fashioned...I think if I added a rug and curtains and maybe add a small metal side table of some sort it will soften the look a bit.

Sorry these pictures are not very clear they are all from my Iphone...