Saturday, October 29, 2011

I am feeling a little under the weather so I have been catching up on some HGTV.  One of my favorite shows is Sarah's House.  I love her summer cottage and farmhouse!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Book Club

I enjoyed a lovely evening with my book club gals!  We have decided to incorporate crafting into our book club...  Tonight we discussed A Stolen Life by Jacyee Dugard and created some wall art.

We took small canvas and either painted them or covered them in fabric.  Then we traced out a letter and applied buttons with hot glue.

This was a super easy and fun project, I think.  I waited until the last minute to get my buttons and neither Micheal's or Hobby Lobby had a giant bag of buttons like I wanted so I will have to make mine later...

The girls with their finished projects!  They all turned out so cute!

 This one was my fave ;)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Weekend Happenings

Mom and I had plans of just running to a couple places then going to the house to work.  Well that didn't happen.  We ended up taking our time at some new shops we discovered and never made it to the house...oops!

First stop was Merchants on Main 

We found several cute booths inside

Next stop the junk yard.  We had never stopped at this junk yard before and I don't know how that was possible...lots of good stuff.  We did not buy anything but I want to take Rich back because I know he could find a few things for his man room among all the piles.

After our visit to the junk yard we went to Warehouse Row which used to be a run of the mill outlet mall.  The whole space has recently been renovated and is now home to some wonderful stores.  The revitalization is still very much in progress and there are several empty spaces that need to be filled.  If only I had gobs of money to throw around I would open a store there in a heart beat :)

Homespun is one of the new stores at Warehouse Row.  They have handmade arts and crafts scattered throughout the space but most of the store is taken up by a long table and chairs where people can come and create!  They also teach classes on how to make certain crafts and you can also rent out the space and have a crafting party! Such a cute idea!

This is a picture of the food court!  They have taken a huge branch and hung is from the ceiling, used old metal laundry baskets as lampshades, and they have stamped what looks like drafting stools with letters and used them all around three  very large tables.  This makes me want to work downtown so I can go eat lunch here! 

The main reason I wanted to come to Warehouse Row was to go in Revival.  I wanted everything in this store!  I loved all the neutrals with pops of color.  Not only was the store lovely, the ladies that work there were so nice!

Before heading home we stopped at Linda's, a local produce stand and thank goodness I got married last year because the pumpkin selection was low.  Not a white or green pumpkin in sight!  I am guessing that all of the dry/hot weather we had this summer hurt the pumpkin crop?

In the mood for a chicken spinach quiche, I whipped one up.  Don't let this fool you...Rich does most of the cooking around here :)

I picked what will be my last bouquet of Zinnias.  I hope they do as well at the new house as they have done here this year. 

Hope you have had a lovely weekend!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Around The House

This week the floors were installed and we have been painting away.  Our next task is to start work on the crown and baseboards.

Here is a picture of the finished paneled wall!  Can't wait to try the white wash finish on it.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


A project for when I run out of things to do at the house.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Hallelu-Hallelu-Hallelu....Hallelujah Praise Yee The Lord!

  After what seems like forever fighting water and humidity, the floors are finally going down!  So happy!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Happy Anniversary

So blessed! 

Friday, October 14, 2011

Manchester Tan It Is!

I am for sure going with Benjamin Moore Manchester Tan after my mother-n-law talked me into painted more then a large square of it on one wall.  Paint is such a hard thing to decide on.  Thanks Jenny for helping me paint a whole room so I could actually see what it would really look like!  Love it!

Manchester Tan

I know it is such a small thing, but paint and washing the windows makes all the difference....when we walk into this room we get so excited because it is looking more and more finished.  We still need to add crown and base moulding, as well as carpet then we will be on our way to more in. 

The poor floor guy is coming tomorrow to take another humidity test.  On Tuesday we were down from 22% to 18% we need to be 16% or lower, keep your fingers crossed that his reading tomorrow will be a go!

I Found It!

Our fireplace has been stressing me out for awhile now.  I have had this picture in my head of what I want but I had not been able to find a good inspiration picture. 

Crisp Interiors started out with a not so great fireplace like mine and turned it into this!  You can see their DIY transformation here.  The only change to this look we will make is that we would like a more traditional mantel piece.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Under Construction

I am not tech savvy!  So please excuse me while I am messing around with my blog!

Here is some pretty for your day!

Monday, October 10, 2011

White Washed

Our panel wall in the livingroom is complete!  Looking at this before picture gives me the chills...

I took pictures of the finished wall but have no idea where I filed them!  I will take some more, but it looks great thanks to my wonderfully talented Papaw!

I am 90% sure that I want to go with a white wash on the wall similar to these.

I love how the pine knots show through.

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Hello!  Rich and I just got back from a cruise and feel rested and rejuvenated!  We went to St. Thomas, San Juan Puerto Rico, and Grand Turk.

Our first stop was beautiful St. Thomas. 

Our cruise mates.

My favorite meal, a squash and pumpkin pot pie.

Fave dessert cream brulee

Rich and I walked from the boat to downtown St. Thomas...about a 1.5 mile walk but felt so much longer in the heat.

Love this green arched doorway we saw along the way.

Really cute bath and body store Laline.

Next stop was San Jaun.  I was most excited about this stop!  We started our day by catching the free trolley and made our way to fort El Morro.  Construction on the fort started in 1539 and was not complete until 1589.  The Spanish used to fort in the early days of exploration to ward off the likes of Sir Frances Drake as well as the Dutch who tried to invade the country.  The fort was also used in both World Wars by America to help protect shipping in the Caribbean.

View of Old San Jaun from the fort.

We ventured into this old Catholic church in Old San Jaun, love the black and white checkered floor.

Even the garbage cans are cute in Old San Jaun.

So I was hoping there would be some cute shops in Old San Jaun...but this is pretty much all we found, store after store of JUNK....and not the good sad.

We were able to enjoy a leisurely meal and the best Sangria ever at Toro Salao. 

My veggie sandwich.  I can't even remeber all the different veggies it had on it but it was wonderful!

Our last stop was Grand Turk.  Rich went snorkeling while I stayed out of the sun with my huge hat, I am so glad I bought it!

While our cruise was alot of fun I could not help but thinking about the house....  So ready to get back to work on it!  If we are going to be in before Christmas we have got to get cookin...!