Friday, February 24, 2012

Getting Settled

 After two weeks it is starting to feel like home at Twin Brook.  I have been trying to decorate as I unpack. This method is pretty slow but working well.  

The foyer is complete with the exception of a good rug.  The dresser was mine growing up.  I believe it got painted white around the 4th grade.  I would love to strip it back to its orginal wood finish, but I have enough projects on my plate right now.  I have plans to hang the picture which was a Old Time Pottery find a couple years ago.  Rich brought home the books awhile back.  One of the law firms in his building was getting rid of 100 volumes all of which were published in 1880.  He asked if I wanted any and I said "NO"....  He had to force the 20 volumes that we have on me.  I could shoot myself for not taking the rest of them.... 

This is our make shift kitchen set up.  I am all about using as many paper/plastic products as possible right now.

Here is the main prep area...  I know it would look so much better with a table cloth but we handle so much food here it would have to be some sort of plastic.  I am hoping this set up will only last about 4 more weeks so it will probably stay like this for now. 

The pantry, and yes that is a Easter bunny!  I unpacked him and decided he could go ahead and stay out since spring feels like it is right around the coner with the high for today being 73!

  The blue tape is on the floor to mark how far the cabinets will come out and how big our island can be.

Our tiny card table.  I left our kitchen table at the old house as I was not in love with it.  I have plans for a new table made out of reclaimed wood.

This is the first dinner I cooked in my "kitchen".  I have to say it turned our really well.  I made Chicken Tikka Masala in the crock pot, recipe here , with a side of cranberry green beans, and a loaf of ciabatta.

Chloe made us a delicious chocolate cake which we have been enjoying all week!

My biggest challenge in the make shift kitchen is not having water.  This is how I have to wash dishes.  I feel like a pioneer woman with my one cupboard and long trek to the well... 

One thing that I am stuggling with is what to do for window treatments.  I am not a private person and if it was up to me I would leave the curtains open all the time.  But since we have neighbors I am trying to be considerate.  I currently have curtains from the old house up which I still like but do not like having to pull them closed every night.  I am considering bamboo shades.  They seem like the most cost efficient/stylish option.

Plantation shutters would be ideal!  But $$$

I also like the idea of Roman shades.  For now as my mom said, "it looks like Fort Knox" as I have all my curtains pulled.  Hopefully I will make a decision soon so we can lighten up a bit!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

We Moved!

We made the big move last weekend!  We got almost everything in one trip which was nice.  Thanks to our families for ALL their help!

I finally have a spot for my estate sale find!

For now it is going in our makeshift kitchen and will be used as a pantry. 

Things look as though a bomb went off in most rooms, but everything is slowly finding its new home.  We are so happy to finally be in after 8 months...!  There is still a huge to do list but as home owners know there will always be a to do list.  I will me MIA as I try to get things in order.  I will say that organizing and decorating is a nice change from construction work!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Powder Room Progress

We have been spending every spare minute at the house for the last two weeks in anticipation of moving next weekend.  This weekend among a laundry list of other tasks we completed the powder room.

Unfortunately, I did not take a complete picture of the powder room before.  It had green and white striped wallpaper from floor to ceiling. 

Pretty cute pedestal sink but I did not love the off white color.

We replaced the sink with something that had straight lines and was not so fussy.  The new toilet that we installed is handicap toilet.  If you are going to be replacing any toilets in your house I would highly recommend them.  They are taller then standard toilets which makes getting up and down easy.  We added bead board all around as well as crown and base boards.  I found my light fixture at Lowes and I am really happy with how it looks in the room.  Last but not least my dear mother-n-law hung wallpaper right above the bead board.   

The only reason I put wallpaper back up in the powder room was that the walls were in such bad shape and painted with a paint that was literally bubbling up off the wall.  Having never hung wallpaper Jenny my mother-n-law was my go to gal! 
The first thing she did was lay out the paper and make her starting point on the wall.

Next she soaked the wallpaper in warm water and "booked" it.  The booking process is where you fold the wallpaper on top of itself allowing the glue to activate and any shrinkage of the paper to take place.  After booking the paper was ready to place on the wall and before I knew it my powder room was finished!  I love the wallpaper in there and I am so glad I have such a handy family who knows how to do just about anything!

Christopher and Adam put up some new light fixtures.

Almost everyone painted at some point this weekend.  Painting a entire house with crown and base boards is a lot!

Rich's man room got painted Montpelier Olive, Valspar Lowes.  Sorry for the shadowy photo but spot lights are a must when painting.

The  fireplace has come along long way!  What was once a shiny black monstrosity is turning into something we are proud to have in our house!

After Rich successfully laid the stone a couple weekends ago he focused his efforts on getting the sheet rock up.

He did such a great job!  I am so glad we decided to DIY this project!  The only thing left to complete is the mantel.  He doesn't know it yet but I have my papaw lined up to help with this ;)