Sunday, January 29, 2012


Rich and I have decided IKEA it is.
After reading online forums, blogs, and e-mailing with some lovely ladies who have IKEA kitchens and comparing pricing we are excited about our choice! We are going with a complete IKEA kitchen with the exception of the appliances.

I am really leaning towards the Domsjo double bowl farm sink.

 This is not a IKEA kitchen, but the cabinets are very similar to the Ramsjo style IKEA cabinets we will be getting.
I am very excited about the dishwasher panel!
I like the look of the butcher block counter tops but I am not sure how practical/sanitary they would be.

Here is a picture of all the elements together.  Hopefully I will have pictures of our own kitchen to show you soon!


  1. I love these kitchens and we are thinking of doing a white kitchen from Ikea as well, I'd love to see pics once you are done. We are hmm'ing and hawing over butcher block for the island and love the second pic down, just wondering where you found it? I'd love to get more details on it as it is GORGE!! Can't wait to see your pics and good luck!

    1. MarlaAnn-I belive the second picture is from the IKEA fans website. I do not think they are IKEA cabinets but look very similar to the Ramjso style and I agree it is a great inspiration picture. I love the butch block as well, but I am also "hmm hawing" around...will it hold up, how will it do around water, will it be sanitary...ect! But as far as looks go LOVE LOVE it! I will be sure and post lots of pics when the kitchen is complete!

  2. Hi there, Did you go for the Domsjo double bowl farm sink in the end? I'm currently thinking about buying that sink for our house, but am concerned about not having a draining board with the sink and wondered how you got on with this sink in the end?