Saturday, April 28, 2012

Spring Gathering!

 We had a great first day in our booth at the Spring Gathering!  

We loaded up yesterday, and made the trek out to the country to get set up.

There was plenty of analyzing as you can imagine!

Thank goodness we had help!  Christopher got the EZ-Up secure and did most of the heavy lifting.  
Such a sweet boy willing to help out!

Here are a couple pictures of our booth.  

Shabby Chic anyone?  Hoping more of this sells tomorrow.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Dash and Albert

 Have you guys heard of Dash and Albert / Pine Cone Hill?  

Super cute stuff!  

If you live in Chattanooga the Furniture Shoppe carries Dash & Albert.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Weekend Happenings

 This is two weekends worth of happenings.

Rich's great grandmothers bed got a fresh coat of spray paint and it is all set up in the guest room awaiting bedding/its first over night guest.

I have started to recover these chairs.  These were given to me and I have held on to them for the past 5 years because they are great with the exception of the plastic green covering.  I have considered getting them recovered but have been to lazy to load them up and get a quote on how much that would cost. 

So now that every waking hour is not consumed by construction I have started to recover them myself.  I decided to use what I already had to minimize the cost of the project.  

Here is a sneak peak!

To keep my creative energy up I have been eating Moon Pie's made right here in Chattanooga!

Mom and I have been painting, cleaning, sanding, pricing, you name it, to get ready for the sale this upcoming weekend!

Miss Chloe made these cute pictures for her room.   I think I will commission her to make me some!

I hope this does not gross you out...

In between all my projects
 my fisherman husband got two hooks in his head...I sent him to the ER by himself, as this is the 3rd time he has hooked himself since I have known him....

He is fine!

finally we all had a great time watching Chloe ride Rascal at the horse show!

Next weekend is the big SALE!  Pray for good weather and a great turn out!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Giddy Up!

Chloe is the animal lover in the family and has been riding horses since kindergarten.  Today we got to watch her compete at the Mill Lane Saddle Club.  It was so fun getting to watch her do something she loves!  She is such a sweet heart and is growing to be a lovey young lady,I am so proud of her!  Love you sis!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Kitchen Update

The kitchen layout was complete and we were planning on going to IKEA to pick up our cabinets this Saturday.  Well the plan completely changed today.  After laying out the original plan and double checking measurements it just did not work.  The island was was to big and there was not enough room on each side to be completely functional (we have a galley style kitchen).  So today on my lunch break Rebecca and my Mom helped to come up with a whole new lay out.

Oh and I failed to mention that when Mom and I went to IKEA three weeks ago I picked a whole new door style.  Mom and I liked both styles below.  The one on the right is the one I was sure I was going with....until I brought it home.  I purchased one door of each style and thank goodness I did!  I like the door on the left so much better and feel like it goes better with the house.

The style is Lidingo

 Back to the rearranging...After we completely rearranged the kitchen today I ended up with a range hood.   This had never even been considered before but since the oven/cook top is going to be on one wall by itself I need a hood for ventilation or we need to buy a oven/cook top with a built in pop up vent (which can be pricey) not sure what I am leaning towards at this point.

I do like all of these hoods.

Another major change that took place is that the sink has moved from the center of the island back to the wall where it was when we bought the house.  I am considering hanging a cute light and maybe doing a chalkboard or picture under it.

Open shelves would be cute but I do not want them to look to cluttered since I will have several glass front cabinets. 

I think just putting a small size cabinet above the sink is my favorite option so far.

This whole remodeling process has just reinforced what I already knew....I am sooo sooo bad at making decisions and I change my mind constantly.  I know what I like but when it comes down to it have a really hard time pulling the trigger.  Needless to say I do not think we will getting our cabinets this weekend.