Sunday, January 27, 2013

2012 Happenings

Before January is over here is a recap of 2012! 
Our reno at Twin Brook went from this....


To a place we call home.


We loaded up the Uhaul and moved to Twin Brook. 

Enjoyed a french themed book clubs with B.A.B.S
Mom and I participated in a Spring Gathering.

Rich graduated from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga! So proud of him!

Our kitchen arrived in a thousand boxes and Rich assembled the whole thing!  I stood by saying things like, "are you sure that goes like that" and "I don't think that is right..."  Everything turned out perfect and Rich is such a trooper!

My amigos came to install our counter tops.



450 mile yard sale!  Can't wait to go again this year.

We took a trip from Chattanooga to Chickamauga on the Tennessee Valley Railroad.

We got Grizz!

Celebrated Annie and Nick's wedding.

Enjoyed the tour of homes in Chickamauga, GA.

We also celebrated the engagement of Doug and Elizabeth Ann!  I can't wait for the June wedding in Fairhope! 

2012 was wonderful!  Rich and I are so blessed and can't wait to see what 2013 has in store!


Saturday, January 26, 2013

Guilty Pleasure

One of my guilty pleasures is the dollar bin at Micheal's!  They really do have the cutest stuff for just a $1.  If you need party favors or a little something extra to add to a gift this is a great place to find it!

 I purchased these note cards in orange and blue.

These would be cute at Easter at each place setting filled with jelly beans.

I would tie one of these on a gift.

Everyone can use extra ribbons.

I have been obsessed with notebooks since I was like 3. What did I buy every time I went to the Hello Kitty store...a notebook.  So of course I grab a couple of these.  They are the perfect size to carry in your purse.

I also bought a sparkly C to go in my new closet.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Closet Progress

We turned what used to be the "pink side" of the master bathroom into a closet for me.

The closet before... as a bathroom.


This is what it has looked like for the past 11 months.  It was pretty useless aside from the dresser.

We took a quick trip to IKEA with the intention of just getting two Billy bookcases. Once we got there I was overwhelmed by all the options of storage they have.  I ended up with the PAX frames which go all the way to the ceiling and are two inches deeper the the Billy bookcase would have been.  I also got the inserts that fit inside.
PAX Wardrobe frame IKEA 10-year Limited Warranty. Read about the terms in the Limited Warranty brochure. Sized for KOMPLEMENT interior organizers.

KOMPLEMENT Shelf insert IKEA 10-year Limited Warranty. Read about the terms in the Limited Warranty brochure. 
Here is the closet after...
 I placed a PAX frame with an insert on each side of the existing dresser.  For nowI left the dresser as is but would like to paint it a more neutral color when I run out of things to do.

I am so glad I got the inserts!  They are perfect for shoes, purses, and jewelry.

On the back side of each wall I have two hanging shelves for clothes.  I am sad to say that I still take up the other closet in our master bedroom but at least that is better then having clothes scattered in four closets through out the house...

So glad to finally be utilizing this space!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Checking In

 I am alive I promise!  We have just been busy busy busy!  New posts soon.

Happy Monday!

A simple vase is instantly dressed with sequins in the water

Sunday, January 6, 2013


We took a quick trip to Charleston with the family over Christmas break.

The boys enjoyed touring the USS Yorktown while the girls shopped.

We made a stop at Charles Towne Landing, the birth place of South Carolina.  Although it was freezing cold the day we visited, we all enjoyed walking along the trails and learning about the first settlers.

700 year old live oak.

The park has a small zoo that houses animals native to the area.  This buffalo was huge!

One day we had lunch at Poe's Taveran on Sullivan Island.  The tavern is named after Edgar Allen Poe who  lived on Sullivan's island for 13 months while in the army. 

Best burger!  They grind fresh beef every morning for their burgers.

I would definitely recommend stopping by Sullivan's Island ( about 10 min from downtown Charleston) to eat at Poe's Tavern.  The atmosphere is unique, the food is great, and there is plenty of outdoor seating which is always a plus.

We spent alot of time downtown shopping and wondering the steets looking at all the wonderful old homes.

Loved the Savannah Bee Company.

Of course we had to stop in Anthropologie since the closets one we have is in ATL.  Their props and displays are always so cute.  I love these cakes and cupcakes made of carboard.  This would be a great for little girls who like playing "tea party."

We started off our last day in Charleston with a carriage ride.  This is not a cheap activity but so worth it.

The carriage tour is about a hour long and takes you through the historic district.

On our last day we continued to explore downtown.

Christopher taking it easy

We also toured the Calhoun house.  This tour was terrible.  The house is filled (every table is full of 50 vases, the walls are fill of animal heads and paintings, and there is furniture in every nook and cranny) with goddy  ornate antiques.  Our tour guide spoke more about the antiques that are not even original to the house more then he did about the actual history of the home.  Save your money and enjoy the gardens outside.  They are the only thing worth seeing.  Here are a couple pictures of the homes gardens.

Our last meal was at Magnolias on East Bay Street.  It was delish!

If you have not been to Charleston you should go!