Sunday, September 25, 2011

Happy Fall!

Happy Fall!
 Last year this time it was all things wedding now it is all about the house...!  Here what we accomplished this weekend.

Poor Rich has been cooped under the house all weekend.  He and many helpers have been spreading gravel, plugging holes, and laying plastic.  

Inside the house we have stared painting.  I finally decided on BM tapestery bbeige for the wall color and glacier white for the trim.  Picking the paint has been the hardest decision so far!  I am please with the color it is a touch lighter then the manchester tan and has more gray under tones.

Jenny did a fabulous job on trim!  It is so nice to see things coming together.  It is amazing what fresh paint can do! 

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Weekend Happenings

Rich and I took Friday off from working on the house.  We opted to stay in and enjoy the cooler weather on the back porch with good food and a cozy fire.

I tried a new salmon recipe my mom has raved about from keep it simple, keep it fresh

Back to the house...  The lovely panel wall before....

In progress!  Papaw worked on putting up the tongue and groove paneling this week.  I did not have my camera to capture shots of him in action but he got a lot done.  We ran out of wood and have to fix a leak around the chimney before we continue, but the wood is on order and Rich has been working on the leak (we found this leak when we had the 10in of rain)!

I made what I think was my 6th trip to the paint store on Saturday and picked up tapestry beige, the first on the left, next in line is manchester tan, followed by silver satin.  Even though I have had doubts about manchester tan I think I am just going to go with it!  Rich likes it and I like it I am just scared....  Having had only white walls my whole life this is huge...ha!

Diana at Our Vintage Home Love has manchester tan in several rooms and it looks great!  I hope mine turns out this well.

The floor man is coming tomorrow to take a reading of the humidty under the house.  It needs to be between 16 and 14 percent before they can put down the floors and I don't think we are there yet....but keep your fingers crossed!  Rich and the guys have been working hard to put measures in place so we do not have any more water problems! 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I want to make this wreath  from Jones Design Company, so cute!  Click here for a tutorial.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Powder Room

This is what it looked like when we purchased the house, lots of stripes.

The stripes came down...

and the bead board went up!  Rich's dad Ron got the job started, and my papaw finished it this weekend.

Looks good doesn't it!  It still needs to be painted, and the moulding needs to go up, but I am waiting until I get the wallpaper up before we put that on.  Yes, I said wallpaper!  I have never had wallpaper in any of the houses I have lived in so this should be exciting.

I am putting wallpaper back up because the walls are in such bad shape.  The paint in here bubbles up and peels off...this house has the worst paint ever!  Also look at the wall above...really...!  The previous owners obviously did not care much about the looks of their home.  Yes, a mirror will cover this, but who patches like that?!?  I worked on getting this cleaned up and smooth so the wallpaper will go on properly.  I have yet to decide on the wallpaper, but it is not going to be anything crazy.

We still have a ways to go before we are complete, but I do know that I want to use a pedestal sink of some kind.

  I am definitely going to get some of these HOT and COLD knobs, so cute!

Tomorrow I am meeting with a fireplace guy to see what he suggest for this monstrosity and how much is will cost to get it looking half way decent.  I am thinking stacked stone, something like these pictures.

I will let you know how things go.  Hope you have a fabulous Monday!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


What a weekend!  Most people try and get in some R & R on labor day weekend, but we went full blast!  Thanks to our wonderful family for working over the weekend to help us get things marked off our never ending "to do" list.

The rotting soffets have been replaced and new gutters have been put up so hopefully no more leaks. 

This is a picture of our backyard.  It needs work obviously, but I love the privacy the over grown hedge gives and I hope I can make that little shed cute one day.

Chloe and Jenny painted almost all the ceilings!

The living room panel wall before.

Wall in progress.  Rich and his dad worked on putting some extra studs in so we can nail up our tongue and groove paneling with ease.

The scraping futher comment....

While we were getting lots done inside mother nature was hard at work outside.  We got around 10 in of rain, the most this area has EVER gotten in a 24 hour period!  So our little drainage system got a work out and unfortunately we do not have the water problem solved...  We were hoping to put our hardwoods down within the next 2 weeks but with all the rain and some new leaks to fix that has been put on the back burner.  Rich and I were pretty bummed that we still had water coming in under the house.  But as my dad said, "this is a blessing in disguise," because we the best wet weather test we will probably ever get so at least we know what areas need fixing. 

My sweet dad bought us a water pump to help with the big puddles!  I hope we can get the water under control and get things dried out soon. 

I am getting anxious to get my floors down, paint, and get in!  Haha we have so much more to do, I guess I am just going to have to take a chill pill!


Friday, September 2, 2011


I saw these on Jones Design Company, and even though I do not have kids I can appreciate these bag lunch ideas found here.

It is football time in Tennessee!  And like my cousin Annie I am going to try my best to enjoy the football season!

Thank goodness it is not time to paint because I am having second thoughts about my Manchester Tan paint color...  It is alot darker when it is on the wall...I like it, but also think that if I cover all my walls with it it will just look like a bunch of mud!  Paint color...TBD!

I am ready to be in my new house, I feel like we are moving so slow!  I told Rich this is going to be a marathon weekend!  I hope to get a lot of things done. 

I got my new IKEA catalogue today and it had so many cute things in it at great prices!  I have been hooked ever since my first visit!  I want this bed for the guest room.