Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Cute Christmas Gift

 How cute are these tech cases from Lands End!  You can order them to fit the Kindle, Kindle Fire, Nook, or the Ipad..  These would make great Christmas gifts!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Hello From Twin Brook

I blame my lack of blogging on the fact that I do not have a I phone anymore.  It used to be so convenient to snap pictures with my phone... much easier then lugging around a real camera!

I have been decorating for Christmas the last 2 weeks.  It takes me a week to pull everything out get it in its place and then a week to clean up...!

Last year I did not decorate for Christmas because we were in the middle of packing.  It has been exciting pulling out all my decorations and decorating our little house!  My favorite has been arranging my glass cabinets.  It has been six months since we installed our IKEA kitchen and we are still thrilled with it!

In between decorating and cleaning I have been taking care of this little guy!  Rich always had pets growing up while I had only a outside stray cat every now and then.  When we got married we compromised and said that once we had our own home and could have a fence we would get an outside dog.  Well here I am with a inside dog...!  We were on our way to visit my grandparents in Lillian, AL and stopped at a Chick-Fil-A on the way down and that is where I saw the cutest little Yorkie.  I told Rich I thought I could handle a dog it we got a small Yorkie.  Well about month after that we got Grizz!  He is a sweetie and will be even sweeter once he is potty trained...!

Silver Platters

I have started a collection of silver trays, tea pots, plates, really anything silver or pewter looking.  I love all of these ideas of how to display and use silver trays.  Estate sales are a great place to look for silver pieces!


Sunday, November 11, 2012

Chic Barn Wedding!

 Congratulations to my cousin Annie and her new husband Nick!
Last weekend we packed up the mini van and headed to Oklahoma.
  Out of all the weddings I have been to this wedding was the most fun, laid back, and beautiful!

Here are a few pic from the wedding!

I the reception was inside/outside of the gorgeous old barn.  There were many things I loved about this wedding the A & N being just one of them,

Annie has this gold glitter sign made to direct guests.

The tables set up outside the barn were covered with candles in old Ball jars and  flower arrangements.


As guest arrived there were given a mini bottle of champagne complete with a pink straw!

During the wedding guest were server cocktails from this cute bar.

Guest enjoyed a cocktail hour before the wedding ceremony began.  Chloe and I loved the mini grill cheese sandwich and tomato soup which was served in a tiny coffee cup!

The Mr. & Mrs!

The reception menu consisted of meat balls, creamy mac and cheese, mash potatoes with all the fixin's, and ceasar salad.

In place of a traditional wedding cake guest were severed individual deserts.

The cake pops were my fave, but I love the gold dust on the macaroons! 

 Ahh paparazzi!

The inside of the barn was as cute as the outside!  The color scheme of the wedding was champagne, white, and pink.  I love the mix of rustic, chic, and PINK!  The night was memorable and we all had a great time cerebrating the sweet couple!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

French Dig

Last weekend the boys installed French drains in hopes of getting our water issue solved.  They worked from sunup to sundown for two days!

I had Christopher on a few side jobs while they guys took turns on the backhoe.  I am not a huge fan of Bradford Pear trees.  Since this one was right in the middle of the back yard I had Christopher make quick work of it with his axe.

Rich and his Dad working through some tough roots.

digging, digging, digging....

 We ran into some dinosaur eggs while digging!  Actually it was a huge rock.  We left it in the ground and worked around it.  After talking with the neighbors who have lived here since the sixties, we learned that these big boulders are all over the neighborhood!

...more digging

Christopher was in his element!  Even though it was a ton of work putting in the drains I think Christopher had fun!  

 We are so glad to have this project behind us.  Next on the list is painting the exterior of the house.  I am hoping it turns out like this.