Tuesday, October 26, 2010


After 6 months of planning, planning, planning, Rich and I are married! The wedding turned out so GREAT! Here is a peak into the pre-wedding decorating...everyone was so great who came to help us decorate and make my vision a reality!

Nancy, Becky, & Kim at Sweet Gypsies before heading off to the barn

Unloading all the goods

Nancy covering up the terrible wreath....

The girls filling the hurricanes with nuts gathered from across the tri-state...!!!

Mom and I over analyzing something
All the white and green pumpkins!
Kim arranging the jars of greenery for the aisle, she did a great job!

Cherish working away....I have to give her props because I was like...get this, go there, no no no do it over...and she was great!!! Love you Ol' Chap!

Peggy and Terry sewing fabric for the drapes!


After all the sewing, measuring, and me having poor Peggy move the fabric over and over it looked so great! I feel that it really made a statement and turned out even better then I pictured! Thank you so much Peggy and Terry, it looks so romantic..it was just perfect!

The most adorable pumpkins decorated by Auntie Darla at the Tree House!

The centerpieces finally coming together
Wedding signs to lead the way down the wagon trail...
Oh Peggy and Terry still working with the fabric, it was a real chore but so worth it

Cherish and Marissa working way

The three then Phillips girls just trying to get the right placement!

My wonderful hunny Rich and Adam my brother-n-law setting up the games!
Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make everything so perfect! More to come!


  1. This only makes me wish I could have been there even more! In the Navy.....bah humbug. Anyways, please send me a wedding photo of you being fabulous! I need it for my room in Knoxville. (a link of your fave will do, too)

  2. Love you too! Chip chip cheerio! And I miss my hair :(