Friday, July 13, 2012

Count Down To Home Cooking...3

My blood pressure has been through the roof all day!

My amigos arrived and immediately started speaking in Spanish.  I waited patiently then finally had to ask what all the fuss was about.  They took one look at the pantry side and said they needed a third guy to help get the granite in place.  Okay, no problem, call for a third guy right?!?  Well they decided they would try to put in place themselves.  I was on pins and needles since this piece weighs around 344lbs!

They got it in with no problems!

These guys are good!

Here are a couple pictures(all my pictures lately are from the Iphone, sorry if they are blurry it is just so easy to take pictures this way).  I still have to get a faucet and handles for the cabinets.  I should have had these picked out along time ago but I am the worst at making decisions like these!

I am beyond thrilled with how the counters have turned out.  The whole process went really smooth!
More pictures to come!  Hopefully tomorrow we can get those holes in the wall covered up...


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