Monday, February 11, 2013

Weekend Happenings

When you purchase a home you know going in that there will always be something to maintain or fix.  
Well when you buy a "fixer upper" there is always something to do or maintain...times 1,000!  

So since the inside is 75% done we have shifted our focus outdoors.  

The house behind us has a double stacked chain link fence covered, and I mean covered with ivy and strange vines from top to bottom.  This is what it looked liked last summer.  It is nice because it does offer a  lot of privacy and a secret garden kind of feel....but it does look over grown and it is a mosquito haven!

So naturally I put my sweet husband to work!

While there is still a ton of vine left it looks better and hopefully come spring we will not have a million mosquitos in our back yard.

Now...this makes me cringe when I think about it.  Looking at it is even worse!  Our back yard will grow grass but right now it is a full on mud pit.  It may not look that bad in this picture but when it is horrible!  But Rich is working on getting that fixed ;)

But on to something positive.  I purchased a sample of Sherwin Williams Dovetail for the exterior of the house.  I picked it because It's Great To Be Home picked it for their 5th flip and I really liked it.  If you have not been to their blog you need to visit.  All they do is flip houses!

When I started painting this I had a hard time stopping because all I want is for that peach brick to vanish!  It does look a little blue in the picture below but in real life its not.

Come October (I am giving myself plenty of time) I hope I am showing you pictures of a outdoor soiree I have thrown with a painted house and a fully landscaped yard in the back ground!

I also worked on decorating one of the guest rooms this the yard it is a "hot mess".

I did make some progress that I will show you tomorrow!

Along with all our projects this weekend we are also trying to eat healthier....but who isn't it is Febuary 2013 lol.  

This is what we had for brunch on Saturday.
I made the egg muffins from a recipe on Pintrest.  They were really good and super easy!

We also celebrated my Mom's Birthday...with no pictures,,,opps!  Love you Mom! 


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