Sunday, March 21, 2010


I am loving burlap right now...

The rustic feel and the neutral color of burlap works in almost any room. I love that it is so versatile, it can be dressed up or dressed down, and the fact that it is an inexpensive way to change up your decor doesn't hurt.

My mom and I recently visited Scott's Antique Market it Atlanta, Georgia and everything was covered in burlap. Maybe its because we are in a recession that people are choosing something that was once used as a feed sack to cover their wing backs...

Burlap curtains from Ballard Designs

Wingbacks covered in printed burlap sacks. I really like how these chairs were incorporated with the more modern elements in the room.

If only my bed needed a dust ruffle...

This table cloth again by Ballard Designs is great because it works in all seasons.

Precious ottoman with ruffle detail, I like the mix of hard and soft here.

Next time you entertain why not throw in some burlap?


  1. Great budget decorating tips here! I think I'm going with the burlap bed ruffle. Where can you get them?

    To tie the bed ruffle in, I've been looking for burlap pillowcases, but can't seem to find them anywhere!? There's nothing like the rough caress of burlap on your cheek to put you to sleep at night....not to mention the stylishly fashionable plaid pattern imprinted on your face when you go in to work the next morning :)

    Seriously though....where do you find burlap bed ruffles? Do you have to make them yourself?