Tuesday, March 30, 2010

La Place is not The Place

As you all know Rich and I had dinner at La Place last Friday, and unfortunately it did not live up to my expectations. I was expecting a cozy and intimate atmosphere, and I got a sterile badly decorated one. The layout was similar to a Wendy's....with random tables and booths... As for the decor they were trying to invoke a old world French feel but failed miserably...with scattered wine barrels and randomly placed wooden shoes (aren't wooden shoes from Holland?)
Aesthetics aside, the food was not horrible, but I could have made it home just as good or better. I ordered the shrimp saute with rice and a side salad. The shrimp were over cooked and rubbery, the rice and salad were mediocre. Rich had fish and seafood bourride. I will not speak on his behalf, but I did have a scallop from his dish and it was rather tasty. For dessert we had a apricot pastry from the bakery which our waiter recommended...it was frozen in the middle and was not delightful as a desert should be!
Sadly I do not recommend this restaurant....for the price and atmosphere you are better off just grabbing some FRENCH fries from Wendy's


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