Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bon jour

I apologize to all my followers who I can count on two hands....that I have not posted anything in a week! I have been so busy! Last weekend my mom and I had a yard sale which was more work then just taking everything to the Goodwill.... And I have been trying to get some wedding stuff done. It feels good crossing things of my list...makes the whole thing much less overwhelming....considering I have said numerous times I wish we had just planned on having fifty people in back yard with BBQ..... No but seriously it will all be worth it!

Tonight Rich and I had dinner at Public House in downtown Chattanooga and right beside the restaurant is the cutest store, Revival Uncommon Goods. Unfortunately they were not open, but I did peer through the windows and everything in the store was very neutral, rustic, and unique and I cant wait to go back when they are open. Here is their website-it's not nearly as cute as the store (actually in my opinion they really need to work on it...) But still cute stuff!


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