Sunday, June 27, 2010

Weekend Project

This weekend I CLEANED CLEANED CLEANED! While cleaning I decided to organize the cabinets over my washer and dryer and just spiffy up my laundry room. Here are the results!
Taking everything out of the cabinets to start organizing...

This cabinet used to be in my kitchen but I moved it into my laundry room awhile back but just threw things in there and never really arranged anything.

This is a great little sink my dad put in but it needs some dressing up.

Cabinet #1 before
Cabinet #2 before
Cabinet #2 after. I was able to throw a number of things away in both cabinets and just added a few plastic containers from Target to hold random items. I don't know about you but the little cup that is used to measure the laundry detergent always gets soap on it and then gets on my cabinet so I added a little saucer to help keep the mess to a minimum.

Cabinet #1 after

The sink area after. I hung this picture, a frugal find from South Eastern Salvage above the sink and then added a little greenery to soften things up. I want to hang a towel rack over to the left so it will become a more functional area.

My little green cabinet just needed some TLC. I just rearranged things to make them look more appealing.
The whole project only took me about 45min. and $8.00 from Target and looks so much better!


  1. I LOVE that little green cabinet! How perfect!