Saturday, June 25, 2011

Canyon Grill

You have not tasted great food in and around Chattanooga until you visit the Canyon Grill! Rich and I eat out way too much and have dined at a lot of the local restaurants but none come close to the quality and atmosphere at the Canyon Grill. Last night we hopped in the car with one of our favorite couples Nathan and Jessica and headed up to Lookout Mountain. It is quit a little jaunt up and over the mountain to the Canyon Grill but well worth it; the scenery and houses you pass are lovely. 

We arrived with the Friday night crowd!

The Grill grows many of it's own herbs and uses all locally grown produce.

Inside, the atmosphere is casual with mismatched table cloths and business cards under the glass on the tables, but the lights strung across the ceiling add a romantic feel.

After perusing the menu I decided on the grilled chicken breast with a roasted red pepper sauce.  For my sides I chose garlic mash potatoes and fried squash.  WOW!  It was so good!  I am not really a big meat eater but I would say you have to order meat when you go to the Canyon Grill, because it melts in your mouth!  My chicken breast was extremely tender and juicy. 

On Nathan's recommendation Rich ordered the pork tenderloin with a sweet potato and fried squash.  Rich described his meal as simple but delicious.  The Canyon Grill makes food that you could call country cooking, but it's at it's best and with a fresh twist that is memorable.

For desert we had the apple pecan bread pudding with bourbon sauce.  This dessert was a great way to end our meal, although it was pretty sweet and creamy, it was not so overpowering that we left the table feeling as if we had over done it.

On our way back to the valley we stopped at a overlook which doubles as a hang gliding take off point! 

Jessica and little Jack admiring the gorgeous scenery.

The overlook was a great way to end the night, good food, great friends, and God's beautiful creation!


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