Sunday, October 9, 2011


Hello!  Rich and I just got back from a cruise and feel rested and rejuvenated!  We went to St. Thomas, San Juan Puerto Rico, and Grand Turk.

Our first stop was beautiful St. Thomas. 

Our cruise mates.

My favorite meal, a squash and pumpkin pot pie.

Fave dessert cream brulee

Rich and I walked from the boat to downtown St. Thomas...about a 1.5 mile walk but felt so much longer in the heat.

Love this green arched doorway we saw along the way.

Really cute bath and body store Laline.

Next stop was San Jaun.  I was most excited about this stop!  We started our day by catching the free trolley and made our way to fort El Morro.  Construction on the fort started in 1539 and was not complete until 1589.  The Spanish used to fort in the early days of exploration to ward off the likes of Sir Frances Drake as well as the Dutch who tried to invade the country.  The fort was also used in both World Wars by America to help protect shipping in the Caribbean.

View of Old San Jaun from the fort.

We ventured into this old Catholic church in Old San Jaun, love the black and white checkered floor.

Even the garbage cans are cute in Old San Jaun.

So I was hoping there would be some cute shops in Old San Jaun...but this is pretty much all we found, store after store of JUNK....and not the good sad.

We were able to enjoy a leisurely meal and the best Sangria ever at Toro Salao. 

My veggie sandwich.  I can't even remeber all the different veggies it had on it but it was wonderful!

Our last stop was Grand Turk.  Rich went snorkeling while I stayed out of the sun with my huge hat, I am so glad I bought it!

While our cruise was alot of fun I could not help but thinking about the house....  So ready to get back to work on it!  If we are going to be in before Christmas we have got to get cookin...!


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