Friday, October 14, 2011

Manchester Tan It Is!

I am for sure going with Benjamin Moore Manchester Tan after my mother-n-law talked me into painted more then a large square of it on one wall.  Paint is such a hard thing to decide on.  Thanks Jenny for helping me paint a whole room so I could actually see what it would really look like!  Love it!

Manchester Tan

I know it is such a small thing, but paint and washing the windows makes all the difference....when we walk into this room we get so excited because it is looking more and more finished.  We still need to add crown and base moulding, as well as carpet then we will be on our way to more in. 

The poor floor guy is coming tomorrow to take another humidity test.  On Tuesday we were down from 22% to 18% we need to be 16% or lower, keep your fingers crossed that his reading tomorrow will be a go!


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