Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Weekend Happenings

I took Rich on his first trip to IKEA this weekend and he loved it!  He is not a big shopper so for him to say, "this place is kind of fun" was huge!  Our mission was to check out their kitchen cabinets and see if they could possibly be a option for our new kitchen.  

Out of all the cabinet styles the Ramsjo was the style we liked best.  We liked a couple other cabinet styles but the finishes they came in looked and felt too much like plastic for me.

The Ramsojo doors are made of birch and have a white wash finish.  From far away they look white, but up close you can see that some of the wood shows through.

I liked this IKEA kitchen a lot more then I thought I would!  I wiggled, slammed (which is hard to do as all the drawers had dampers on them), scratched, and marked on the cabinets.  I was pretty impressed with the quality. 

As I mentioned the door fronts are made from birch, the drawers are metal, and the actual cabinet bases are particle board.  Many people are skeptical about particle board, me being one of them.  However, the original cabinets we pulled out of Twin Brook were made particle board and they were in great shape for being installed in 1978!

I am definitely going to be installing a lot of large drawers no matter where we purchase our cabinets.  I love the idea of keeping plates and bowls in the drawers rather then in upper cabinets.

Rich looking over the details.  We worked up quite an appetite analyzing the kitchen cabinets and taking in all things IKEA.  Rich really enjoyed eating cafeteria style...  He had the Swedish meatballs and I had the veggie wrap.

After lunch we hit the marketplace.  I am over pink and green but this bread basket insert and place mat were really cute.

Love this gingham bedding!  I bought it in cream and white.

I picked up this red rug for my mom and after we got home I wish I had bought the grey one for myself!

Our trip was so fun and I am so glad Rich was able to enjoy himself!  We have a meeting  on Saturday morning with a local cabinet shop so the jury is still out on whether we will go with IKEA cabinets or not but we are definitely considering it!


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