Saturday, November 3, 2012

French Dig

Last weekend the boys installed French drains in hopes of getting our water issue solved.  They worked from sunup to sundown for two days!

I had Christopher on a few side jobs while they guys took turns on the backhoe.  I am not a huge fan of Bradford Pear trees.  Since this one was right in the middle of the back yard I had Christopher make quick work of it with his axe.

Rich and his Dad working through some tough roots.

digging, digging, digging....

 We ran into some dinosaur eggs while digging!  Actually it was a huge rock.  We left it in the ground and worked around it.  After talking with the neighbors who have lived here since the sixties, we learned that these big boulders are all over the neighborhood!

...more digging

Christopher was in his element!  Even though it was a ton of work putting in the drains I think Christopher had fun!  

 We are so glad to have this project behind us.  Next on the list is painting the exterior of the house.  I am hoping it turns out like this.


  1. Oh my, that is a serious day of work!!! I LOVE to paint colors! Just beautiful!