Monday, July 8, 2013

Spray Tanning

I do not tan at all and skin cancer runs in my family on both sides like wild fire.  In my teens I tried my best to tan and turned the shade of a hot dog...never brown.  I can already see the damage I have done to my skin in the form of freckles both red and brown and I have pre-mature wrinkles!  Wahh Wahh...everyone told me to stay out of the sun but at 15 you want to be tan like all your friends and adults don't know a thing (oh how I wish I had listened!)  I still want to be tan.  For awhile I thought I had come to grips with the fact that I was pale or a nicer way of putting it is fair skinned.  But alas when going to the beach you want to have alittle color right?!?

So in a crunch for time and wanting to save some cash I decided that I would just go to a regular tanning salon and get in a spray tan booth.  Bad decision...I have had three professional spray tans applied by a technician with a airbrush and they are so worth the time and money.  To say I was disappointed with my Versa spray tan is an understatement.  My tan turned out blochy and did not even cover some areas of my body like the bottom half of the back of my legs....  I had to apply my own self tanner at home to even things out.  Even after I evened things out it just did not look that great up close.  From far away it was pretty good but up close not so hot.  

I wish I would have taken more pictures.  As you can see with the picture below my palms turned out orange even with the barrier cream applied and then parts of my body where white like the creases if my hands and the back of my legs.  I would not recommend using the automated booth. 

See how blotch it is....and look at my legs it was like barely any tanning solution was sprayed.

Considering before the tan and my touch ups I was as white as the sand it was better then nothing.  But like I said the professional tans are so worth it!  I recommend In The Buff Salon here in Chattanooga.

The products below are what I used to do my "touch ups".  I highly recommend all the L'orel products especially the airbrush can.  The color is very natural looking,drys really fast, and has hardly any fragrance.

Sorry this post has been so wordy... 
But I am convinced the only safe tan is a spray tan and it is a trail an error process to find what works best!  Next time I think I will just buy a can of the L'oreal and have Chloe spray me down.


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