Saturday, August 17, 2013

Weekend Happenings

Here are a few weekend happenings!

My brother Christopher graduated from Chattanooga State.  We are so proud of him!

 Everyone came to my house to celebrate.  

I used free books from McKay's Book Store on the tables, topped with iron stone, candles, and confetti of course.  The flowers were from my back yard.  I added a runner I cut from builders paper to the top of each table.  You can find this paper at Home Depot or Lowe's in the flooring section for about $10 a roll.  I love using this paper because it cuts down stains on table cloths and is just easy because you can just trash it after your party.

 My mom and I added some new items to our booth Cottonwood Cottage.

I wish my refrigerator was magnetic so I could use these adorable magnets!

Love this stool for a  pop of red!  Plants would look so cute in the tool boxes!

I made my first Pinterest recipe (this is really sad because I have like 400 food pins) for the second time this weekend.  Rich loves these baked tacos and they are super easy to make.
  You can top them with whatever veggies you like!

I went to Southeastern Salvage for the first time in a while.  They had a ton of cute wool rugs for super cheap.  I bought this one in hopes of using it in our Master bedroom.  But it was not so hot, so I ended up taking it back.  I wish I could have used one of the other ones they had in bright colors and fun patterns but my house is just not "bright."

I also purchased this blue quilt but prefer my old white one with my new darling perched on top!

Chattanooga is very "behind" and slow to get new stores.  When we do get something new it is rarely anything good.  We just got a Garden Ridge and I have to say I was pretty pleased.  I found these cute lock pictures there.  They also have tons of cute rugs and pillows at reasonable prices. 

Well that is about all I've got!  The weather has been unseasonably cool and I am getting fall fever!  I hope to post our "Fall To Do List" soon!


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