Monday, September 9, 2013

Bella Rustica

 My mom and I went to Bella Rustica  a few weeks ago.
The sale is a fundraiser for AGAPE and we had so much fun!

Here are some pictures from the show.

Loved Old Tyme Market Place.  It was our favorite booth!

Tina at the Feathered Nest also had so many great pieces!

Love love this vignette.

This was a really cute idea.  This lady just uses her camper as her store and goes from show to show.

Wish I would have bought one of these pillows...

Lemonade with strawberries, mint,and a splash of blood orange so refreshing!

Mom needs this shed in her backyard!

An 1803 candle was my only purchase and it has my house smelling like fall!


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