Monday, May 24, 2010

Outdoor Entertaining

~Tips For Outdoor Entertaining~

---Think simple foods such as grilled chicken, potato salad, and fresh veggies
---Set up a buffet which allows guest to make their plates easily
---I love using real dishes all the time but don't feel like you have to use them when you entertain outdoors. You can use paper or plastic dishes if you want, the options theses days for paper and plastic are endless....Target always has cute options for the outdoors.
---Keep pesky flies and other pests away by spraying your yard with "yard guard" two hours prior to your event and light lots of citronella candles
---Add some fresh flowers to your table. These flowers do not have to be a expensive arrangements from a florist but can be from your local grocery store, put them in a interesting container, or brake the bouquet up into several smaller ones for a bigger impact. You might even cut some flowering branches from your yard and put them in old wine bottles...I am obsessed with branches....
---Mix and Match your linens with your tableware, have fun and put things together that you normally wouldn't
---Have a basket of blankets and wraps for guest to wrap up in when the sun goes down


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