Saturday, May 8, 2010


Okay so about a week or so ago Rich and I went to the store to buy ingredients for this yummy bread pudding that he makes. The recipe calls for eggs so Rich grabs these four dollar organic brown eggs and I said what are you doing? I am not about to pay four dollars for eggs! We stood in front of the eggs and Rich proceeded to explain to me these eggs were going to be so good and healthy for I just said put them in the buggy! He made the bread pudding, and I could not tell that it had the most expensive eggs I have ever bought in it..... But this morning I used them to make scrabbled eggs and oh my goodness they were the best eggs I have ever worth the four dollars! But I think I want my own chickens now....

My chickens will live in this adorable coop!


  1. Have you seen Martha's chickens? She is obsessed with chickens too and even had a show dedicated to them a couple of weeks ago. She showed where to buy them, etc. I try to buy most of my stuff organic and free range meats b/c I really think it tastes! Plus I don't want to eat all those hormones.

  2. Ha! I cracked up when I got to the end of this post. You're too funny! Can't show this coupe to Diesel or he'll want his dog barn upgraded.

  3. coop/coupe homophones! Oops.

  4. Callie my mom recently got 5 chickens! She is so excited about them. They should start laying eggs around June or July. And if they lay as many as they're supposed to we are going to have eggs coming out of our ears!