Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Coming Along

It is amazing how things are starting to come together so fast!  All of the new doors have been installed and I am so glad to add a little light to the foyer, and get rid of the flowers that were on the previous front doors.

These are the new French doors that are in the breakfast area.  Rich purchased these from a salvage place and got a really good deal.  However, they told him they were 36" doors but they are actually 33 1/2" doors... 3 1/2" too small....I was beside myself!  But all my worrying was for nothing.  Rich and his handy friends were able to make them work and they still look good.  Crisis averted...

The crown and base boards are up and look great!  Chloe and I worked on filling nail holes and we also started caulking.  I will say that I since we have popcorn ceilings I was very nervous about caulking the crown but it is not a big deal at all!  Thank goodness!

These "scooters" came in handy as we rolled around filling nail holes and caulking the base boards.  During our break we preformed a "scooter" dance...lol. 



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