Friday, August 3, 2012

Can You Do Better?

 25 years ago in August of 1987 my mom and Peggy went on the first "World's Longest Yard Sale."  Peggy was a nervous wreck the whole trip because my mom 9 months pregnant traipsing around the mountain in 90+ temperatures in search of a dough bowl im sure ;)

It was so fun going on the sale with her today!  We found a lot of bargains and lost about 10 pounds in was HOT!

Christopher came too!  He was the most fabulous chauffeur and picked up a few bargains of his own!

We hit the jack pot on our first stop spending a whopping 50 cents on vintage Christmas ornaments!!! 

Once we got home, we noticed that the side of the box said "our first."  It broke my heart that someone would sell "our first" Christmas ornaments for 10 cents...but I guess you can't keep everything?!?

I had to take a picture of this little camper.

Mom looking at a dough bowl...what else!

In June I told Mom we should submit a video to be on HGTV for the sale.   We didn't of course....but then we saw them filming in Crossville, TN, we were like we totally could have been on the show!  The mother daughter team is to the left in green boas...

I have buyers remorse about not getting one of these letters.  The only negative about the yard sale compared to going to the flea market is if you change your mind about getting something you can't just go back to the vendors booth because, now you are 50 miles down the road!

Cute barn along 127.

This old house was filled with bad junk.  By this I mean it was full of used new stuff.  It was such a cute house, I wish someone had lived in it!


This is our loot from day one.  Christopher bought the hoe and the traps.  Mom got the two crocks (I am stealing one..) and the "our first" ornaments.  I have to find a place for the rest.  I am super excited about the holly Christmas dishes.  I bought the mirror in hopes that it would work in my powder room, and it does!  The bait bucket is for Rich's man room.  My favorite purchases are the antlers which I have been wanting for along time and the state puzzle.  We have big plans for the chairs!

Tomorrow we are hitting Lookout Mountain and heading SOUTH!


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