Sunday, August 5, 2012

Weekend Happenings

My weekend started on Thursday with a trip to Crossville, TN for the World's Longest Yard Sale.  On Friday we hit Lookout Mountain and ended in Fort Payne, AL.  While both days were a lot of fun, we enjoyed our route through Crossville much better then the one through Alabama.  Crossville has a lot more "tent cities" which are open fields with many vendors in one location, where the Alabama route was a lot more house yard sales which means you are in and out of the car more then I care for.  If we go next year we are going to start in Nashville and work our way down to Signal Mountain. 

I am really happy with my purchases although there are a few things that I wish I would have bought but held off thinking I would find them on down the road at a better price...wrong!  If you see something you have been looking for my advice is to go ahead and buy it.  Unlike the flea market where you can go back and visit a booth there is no going back on the yard sale.

Day 1 Total -  $46.35
This includes a 8 place setting of holly Christmas dishes.

Day 2 Total - 16.50

We definitely had to work for them, by getting in and out of the car and haggling with vendors but,I think we found a lot of good bargains which is one of the reasons I love the sale.  There is no way you could go to the Flea and find these deals :)

Rich hung my mirror in the powder room.  I am going to give it a fresh coat of paint but could not wait to get it on the wall.

We also got the curtains hung!  These curtains have been a fiasco.  I have been waiting since April to get the 95" panels (they have been out of stock at Target).  They finally got some more in and I ordered them immediately.  I opened the box for the first time tonight and 4 out of 10 were 84" NOT 95" which I ordered!!!  Thank goodness I did not need all 10.  So all this to say we finally have curtains in the living and dining rooms.


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