Saturday, August 4, 2012

More Yard Sale

 Today's highlight was definitely driving through Mentone, AL.

We stopped at Moonlight Lake Trading Post first.

We had a bite to eat at the Moonlight Bistro.

Wonderful chicken salad with a side of pasta.

Now to the best part!  There are the cutest houses/cabins up there! 

This is a terrible picture of this house, but mom made me get out and take pictures in the garden so I didn't want to look like a crazo, and start taking close ups of his house.

Snapped this one of the out building from the car...

To the garden! 

So cute! I love these raised beds!

Now on to the details of the yard sale!  We started out on Lookout Mountain. TN and we made our way to Fort Payne, AL.  I have to say that I preferred Crossville, TN to Signal Moutain, TN rather then the route we took today.  However, we did find some treatures and met some sweet people along the way.

Here are my finds from today.

I can't wait to put my red dominos in a bowl at Christmas and Valentines!

My favorite thing from the whole sale is the cloth measuring tape.  It was given to me by a 92 year old lady who was in the highest spirits.  When I walked up to her house she greeted me with a smile and a warm welcome.  When my mom asked her how she was she said, " Well I was able to get out of the bed and eat my breakfast this morning, so I am feeling blessed."  Words we should all live by!  She was so sweet and I just know she used this measuring tape to sew many a dress and probably a shirt or two for her husband.


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