Thursday, November 12, 2015

EATS-The Meeting Place

It's no secret that Rich and I love to EAT!

I thought I would be fun to start a series of posts highlighting local restaurants that we visit.

The Meeting Place is right across the street from our condo.  So it was super easy to get to, and we did not have to worry about parking!

The menu is updated daily!

For our appetizer we ordered the truffle fries with aoli dipping sauce.  They were delish!

I decided to try the veggie plate for my main meal. The menu did not specify what vegetables would be served, but when my plate arrived I had acorn squash, mushrooms, and some type of sauteed greens.  I was disappointed our waiter did not offer to tell me what each vegetable was (but I did not ask...).  The mushrooms were my favorite item.  I enjoyed the acorn squash puree but the actual piece of squash was not cooked enough for me and was rather tough.  The greens were my least favorite item as they were mostly stems and were very tough.

The atmosphere was great!  The restaurant is on the smaller side, but has very tall ceilings that make it feel bigger than it actually is.  The decor is simple; not fussy, but makes a very dramatic statement. Be sure you go on a Thursday night which is when they have live music, it's lovely!

Although my meal did not blow me away, the service was good, and the live music was great.
We ate at St. John's a few weeks ago which is widely regarded as the best restaurant in Chattanooga, and it was to die for.  That being said, my expectations for the Meeting Place may have been too high.  

We have not written the Meeting Place off and will be giving it another try!


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