Monday, February 22, 2016

Ski Trip - Snowshoe West Virginia

Rich and I recently went to Snowshoe,West Virginia to ski.  Before we hit the road we stopped for breakfast at Waffle House.  This was the first time I have eaten Waffle House in like 10 was so good!

Is it crazy that my favorite part of the trip was the car ride through the country?  Who knew West Virginia had so much farm land.  

We passed so many little country churches...Rich was ready to get there so I had to take quick pics from the car as we zoomed by.

Our next fixer upper! 

Sweet red barn!  

It took us about 7 hours to get there but again it was a pleasant drive.

We joined my brother and sister-n-law and our little nephew Will at the condo we rented.  HGTV was running back to back episodes of Fixer Upper!

We awoke to fresh powder and single digit temperatures!

Rich bundled up and ready to go!  I had some trouble with my ski boots and only skied down the mountain twice.  I could have gotten them fixed but was so cold....I opted to stay indoors...I don't think I will ever move where snow like this is the norm!  I wold not survive!

This is the Village at Snowshoe which has several restaurants, Starbucks, and a few gift/ski shops. 

 The only other place I have ever skied is Sugar Mountain, North Carolina.  I have to say I much prefer Snowshoe over Sugar!  The atmosphere and skiing are much better at Snowshoe.  Even if you do not ski there are plenty of non-skiing activities to occupy your time.

I spent a lot of time people watching and reading by the fire at the Starbucks.

On our last day the snow stopped, the skies cleared, and we had some furry visitors at our back door. 

Beautiful sunset view from the condo.  

Hopefully next year I will have better luck with my skiing ;)  

Either way we will be back!  

Maybe I can talk Rich into taking a trailer and I can go rummaging in some of the barns along the way, ha!


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