Monday, December 13, 2010


Magic...Egyptian Magic!
My skin has been looking dry and life less lately...I am going to blame it on the winter weather! To bright up I am about to purchase Egyptian Magic. Two things have helped me come to the decision that this cream is the right one.
1) I have a co-worker who's mom came in to visit the other day, and I though it was his of course after telling him he had a "hot momma" no I didn't say that...I asked how did she stay looking so young and fresh? He informed me that she used Egyptian Magic! I googled this mysterious and intriguing cream but did not add it to my shopping cart.

2) This is sad that I had to have a celebrity seal the deal, but in this months InStyle magazine Kate Hudson lists Egyptian Magic as one of her must haves! So I have to try it...because she always looks so great, and if I am mistaking peoples mothers for their sisters then you know its going to work!


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