Friday, December 31, 2010

A New Year

2010 has been a wonderful year...

-I married a man who loves me when I am trying to impersonate Micheal Jackson in song and dance...and when I am crying for no reason...he is the best!

-I made irreplaceable memories with friends and my sweet family (which doubled after the wedding ;)

-I got my first "real" job

-I went skiing for the first time

-I visited the Biltmore for the second time; this time around I was able to appreciate it much more

-I went sailing on a real sailboat in New England

-I watched one of my best friends graduate from OCS and head off to the NAVY

-I fell in love with Thai food

-I Started this blog

I hope that 2011 is just as wonderful!

It is so easy to fall into a routine of going to work, coming home grabbing a bite to eat and then sitting in front of TV or computer until its time to hit the hay and do it all over again... Time is precious and something that we can not get back. I encourage everyone to try something new, maybe sign up for a painting or dancing class, volunteer, and be more aware and sensitive to the needs of those around you and lend a hand where you can.


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