Sunday, December 5, 2010

They Have Arrived...

Happy Holidays...My new sofa and loveseat have arrived! I have taken a few pictures of the new goods and some of my Christmas decorations.
I am really pleased with the way the sofa and loveseat turned out, however they are so big I feel as though they make the rest of my furniture tiny.

I painted my coffee table navy a few weeks ago and it is a nice change from the red it used to be, and goes well with the accent pillows I chose.

I still like the wall display behind the sofa but with all the other changes I am ready for something new, instead of a grouping I am thinking maybe one big piece... what that may be I have no idea...but I am on the hunt.

The TREE decorated in blue, green, and silver framed with my "frugal find" Country Living chairs from the BIG -K!

From left to right...the first fabric is what my new curtains are made of. I love the pattern on this fabric but I am thinking I am going to put these in my dinning room and maybe try to find some fabric that has a touch of blue, I feel like I have a lot of cream going on in the living room and the blue might help anchor things.

The next fabric is what the sofa and loveseat are covered mom and I spent 3 hours in the furniture store trying to choose just the right fabric. I wanted something neutral so I could just change my accessories to have completely different looks; I also wanted a fabric that was going to be durable. We choose a khaki made of 100% cotton, many would agree that a blend even 95% cotton 5% rayon would have been more durable...but I think it will hold up just fine, and I really like the look 100% cotton!

The next two fabrics are what the accent pillows are covered in. I knew I wanted blues but my choices at the store were somewhat limited so the leopard print is not something I ever thought I would choose but I think its fun and a little unexpected!

Okay so this bookcase is not my first choice of bookcases by any means...but the little wicker bookcase from my childhood could no longer hold up all the books and nick-nacks I wanted to display so this will do for now.

Key ornament $1.00 at Wally World...they really have the cutest ornaments this year!

I have only purchased a few new Christmas decorations this year, but the lighted branches are my favorite buy from Ace Hardware.

One of my all time favorite pieces is this corner shelf my mom and I found in Alabama at a cute little shop called Bloosm

This is my mini sourdough ornament tree in the dinning room.

The dinning room is my next project, right now it is empty and I am on the hunt for a dinning room table and of course a much needed HUGE hutch!

*Hope you enjoyed this Christmas cheer*


  1. Your home is a masterpiece! What a wonderful hobby. You should do this for A LIVING!!!