Monday, January 31, 2011

Above the Sofa?

The only thing left to do in my living room before I feel my "married makeover" is finished( I just came up with this...because everything in my living room used to be pink, green, and I have toned it down in favor of more gender neutral colors) is done is to change up what is behind my sofa.
I like the black and white sign here mixed with all the other small frames.
This is a great idea if you don't want to put thirty holes in your wall, you can just make four huge ones instead :) But seriously I really do like this! Because it's a shelf you can change it out whenever you like!
I have tons of random white platters and plates, this might be a good way to display them... These pictures look really clean and simple but still make a statement, but the trick is finding just the right pictures and frames. I have thought about framing some old black and white family photos.
More plates, although I like this...I am not sure that the living room is the place for a wall full of plates?
What do you like? Any suggestions or unique ideas are welcome :)


  1. i really like the shelf one. it mans it up a bit with the wood but u could still put cute stuff on the shelf