Saturday, January 22, 2011

Our Fall Wedding

We just got our "official" wedding pictures from our photographer Melody Hood, who did a great job capturing our wedding day. There are about 1,000 here are just a few.
Rich and I decided to see each other before the ceremony. I would highly recommend this even though this is not the traditional order of things. We were able to spend some time alone before the ceremony and we got to take plenty of pictures together and not feel rushed because our guests were waiting.

Here are my wonderful bridemaids! From left to right, Marissa, who got married one month before me which was such a blessing because we were able to plan our weddings together! Next is my little sis Chloe, who literally got me in and out of my wedding dress like 50 times... she is such a doll! Cherish, poor thing, she had to listen Marissa and I talk about all things wedding for six months anytime we were together. Since we have been friends since six grade I also had no reservations about sending her out on all kinds of errands...sorry if I was a little bossy ol'chap! Last but not least is Rebecca my new sister-in-law! Rebecca was such a calming presence through out the whole process and always told me it was going to be okay...and it was!

Rich and his dashing groomsmen

One thing that I absolutely loved was the way all the flowers and the boutonnieres turned out! I am going to do a detail post about them.

The Barn at Laurelwood

Kim C. put these arrangements together using greenery and berries gathered from the gardens

The centerpieces to be described in detail later

We spend weeks gathering nuts...

Mom and I picked up this little chalkboard at a yard sale and was the perfect place to thank people for coming to celebrate with us.

The Treehouse monogrammed pumpkins for us.

Rich chose pies instead of a grooms cake; we had peach, pumpkin, and pecan.

The cake and pies were done by the Cake Boutique. I wanted something that didn't look fussy and absolutely no fondant... We chose a butter cream vanilla almond flavored icing and alternated layers of vanilla and chocolate cake. We wrapped grape vine around the bottom of the cake to cover up the cake stand.

My grandpa driving us away in his '40 Ford.

I hope to do a couple more specific posts about the wedding, I just have soo many pictures!


  1. Can you give me advice on a barn wedding venue in Chattanooga? What was your runner up to the barn at laurelwood?

  2. Hi Maggie! The only other barn I atually visited was the Fillauer Barn in Cleveland, TN and it was a little too rustic for what I wanted. I did however call about several other barns but they were all booked on the date I wanted. While I love Laurelwood I would have jumped at the chance to have my wedding at Black Fox Farm in Cleveland, TN. I also looked into Walnut Hill Farm in Dalton, GA and Sunrise Farms in Trenton, GA. I would be more then happy to give you more info about what I did and didn't like about Laurelwood, just shoot me a e-mail