Sunday, January 30, 2011


On the corner of Eighth and Market sits Chattanooga's first departments store, founded in 1875 by two brothers from Atlanta GA, David and Herman Loveman. At one time the store employed 300 people and sold everything from fur coats to fishing line. The store was so successful that it was able to open 5 chain stores including one at Eastgate Mall. In 1986 Loveman's was bought out by Proffitt's which is now Belk. Today the Loveman's building in downtown Chattanooga has been converted to house both businesses and condos. So what brought along this post about the Loveman's building? Well today I ran out for a bit and stopped at the Signal Mtn. Thrift Store and found this vintage coat from Loveman's at $10 it was a steal and a little piece of Chattanooga history.

Loveman's in the early days
The coat is black with a fur collar, quarter length sleeves and comes just below the knee.

Obviously a "Styled by Ken"...?

The Loveman's label. I have several vintage coats that I have picked up here and there but none in this condition. The buttons ares still on tight and the fur is holding up well, but the thing that impressed me the most was the lining it is just like new!

Now here is the best part! These are pictures from a condo for sale in the Loveman's building. So cute...when can I move in? I love love the exposed brick and the huge arched windows. The whole space has a open and airy feel but iy still looks very cozy.

Great hardwood floors
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  1. I have a fur stole from Loveman's, and cant find much info on it. I think it is fox fur. It is in excellent shape as well.