Sunday, March 20, 2011

Weekend Finds

Saturday I hit a couple thrift stores around town and today I talked Rich into driving to Lakewood.  I have to say that this months Lakewood was not the best...there was lots of stuff, just nothing that I just had to have...I only spent $1!

 Vendors outside
 Checking out a pewter pitcher; While there were things I liked...not loved, I just could not bring myself to pay the price...
 Nice primitive cabinet, love the color.

 This was a cute booth.
 Cute chair covered in burlap.  I want to try something similar to this but not with burlap; Rich insists it won't be comfortable...I do agree, I think I am going to use a painters drop cloth.
This was a really neat little porch swing.
 So here is my loot!  A rusty shovel from Lakewood, white vase, and 4 milk glass plates in the shape of grapes from the thrift store.
When we made it home from the flea we were welcomed by two baby birds!


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