Sunday, March 6, 2011

Work In Progress

This afternoon I worked on the arrangement behind my sofa which is very much still a work in progress.  Although there has not been a dramatic change, there are some subtle ones.

I still obviously need to fill the huge blank canvas; I am think of having my brother sketch a nature scene or bird on it (suggestions welcome).  Then I need to add a little something above the frame on the far left...a small plate maybe.

Although this sconce does not work, the chippy white paint and design are great.
Sheet music that I bought and a estate sale, 25 cents for a whole book!
I wanted to leave the platters where they were because I liked them so much and wanted to minimize the amount of new holes I has to put in the wall!  So to change the look, mom had the brilliant suggestion of adding numbers to them!  All we did was chose a font in MS Word that we liked, printed them out, and glued them on.

Supplies used: nails, hammer, scissors, glue, and sheet music.  Cost 25 cents...I used what I had and I am really please with how it is coming along...

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