Saturday, May 21, 2011

Extravaganza Day #2 & #3

Springfield has been our best flea market experience ever!  Everyone should go at least once, but make sure you have a truck with a trailer and a lot of moo-la!  We started out on Friday energized and ready to find some real treasures.  When we arrived at the fairgrounds we were overwhelmed at the amount of vendors with good junk!  It was sensory overload!  We had such a great time and filled up our van on the first day... 

A great primitive the tune of $1,800!
Shabby Chic chairs
A three wheel bike is a excellent way to get around this huge market.
This trunk was my first purchase of the weekend. 
Mom loved this bird house to put atop her imaginary garden shed.

Can you imagine hauling this to the show!
I don't think this would make it down the Ocoee River, but would defiantly look great in mountain cabin.
Wooden egg carriers
Gourmet lunch :)
Many vendors were set up in the rabbit, swine, goat, and cattle barns....
There was tons of salvage building materials, I always want to buy this stuff but I don't know what I would do with it.
Mom loading up her huge treasure on day one!  I forgot to take a picture of it while it was still standing, but will be sure to take one of all our finds once we get back to the hills of Tennessee.
On day two we took a more leisurely approach to shopping since we were almost out of room and money.
Rows and rows of good stuff!  No tube socks or T-shirts in sight!
Several vendors had lovely plants at great prices.
I wanted this Field of Dreams sign so bad until I found out it was $450...the vendor claimed it was used on the Field of Dreams movie...  I hadn't even thought of the movie or related it to baseball when I saw it, I just liked the look.
Like I said, this has been the most enjoyable trip, great junk, friendly and helpful vendors, nice weather, and good company.  If we save our pennies maybe we can come back in the fall! 


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