Sunday, May 1, 2011

What A Week

Wow, this has been quite the week!
 Monday Cherish and I primed her dining set and we hope to finish soon!

 On Wednesday deadly tornadoes tore through the South.  The town of Ringgold, just a few miles down the road from where I live, was hit very hard.  My prayers are with all the people who's homes have been destroyed and who have lost the ones they love.   

One a happier note, Friday was the Royal Wedding!  Kate looked stunning.  I only have one complaint...I wish her bouquet had been a tad larger. 

Saturday was filled with good friends and food!  We had a lovely cookout with our Sunday school class, and then headed to the Lookouts game.

 I enjoy going to the games...for the entertainment between innings!  This guys was great!

 So here it is Sunday evening and I am sitting down for what feels like the first time all week. Rich and I are currently living in the house I pretty much grew up in.  When the Phillips lived here my mom had the most beautiful garden in this spot. This afternoon we started working on this mound of weeds in hopes of having a garden.  Christopher and Chloe came over to help us get started.

 We got one section planted with peppers, squash, zucchini, herbs, and cone flowers.  Christopher also planned some lamb ear, bee balm, and holly hock that my mom gave me among the weeds...we just needed to get them in the ground so they didn't die on us.

She and Christopher are such dolls!  Growing up when you are living in the same house they are your brother and sister and you love them, but lately I have come to love and appreciate them so much more!  They both have such sweet and kind spirits.

 Christopher and Rich hard at work in the "shade garden."

 Hopefully in a few weeks I can post more pictures of our progress and they will look something like this...fingers crossed!

Also happy anniversary Mom and Dad!


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