Sunday, July 31, 2011

Where Do I Begin....

Last night I was whipped, so my wonderful husband took over my blog and did a great job recapping  Saturday's events.  The house has become our second job, we are there almost seven days a week and our wonderful families are always in and out lending a hand!  Today we finished ripping out the kitchen.

This is the kitchen pre-demo.  I will admit now that I am looking exposed walls, sub flooring, and no appliances  or sink, which equals a non functional kitchen the old one doesn't look so bad...haha!  No going back now ;)

We have removed all of the cabinetry which we are going to re purpose in the garage.  The sheet rock is down and the tile...what a UP~!

The kitchen midway through the demo.  I think Chloe had a lot of fun knocking holes in my walls!

Hopefully one day soon my kitchen will be pretty....

Enough about the kitchen let's get down to the nitty gritty!  Who are these boys, the ghost busters or the KKK....?  Nope, this would be my crew from left to right, Adam, Christopher, and Rich.

We have a slight water problem under the house....which has to be fixed before we can move forward on our hardwoods.  So the boys got to work cleaning out the crawl space, a nasty job!

With the help of Rebecca and Chloe the boys pulled out old plastic and fallen insulation.

After it was all said and done they were pretty hot and dirty.  Now that all the junk is out from under the house we have to work on getting the gutters to drain in the correct direction and hopefully we can but the water issue to rest!

On the way home I could not help but take this picture...riding in the pick up truck, with a load of nasty plastic and isulation covered in blue tarp, with no air conditioner...typical

  We have so much more work ahead of us but I have to say that it is coming along!  Thank you to my wonderful family for ALL your help this weekend.  I can not wait until we are moved in and we can entertain!


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