Sunday, August 21, 2011


I love pink, but not all over the bathroom!  Our master bathroom is really strange, one side is his and the other side is hers.  I have plans to make the pink side a walk in closet for myself!  I am really excited!  Don't worry Rich has two whole closets to himself  :)

My "A Team" worked on getting the 300 pound PINK bathtub out and all the pink tile down this weekend.

Someone could probably do something really cute with this tub...maybe put it in their garden...I don't know...

I do like this wallpaper that Christopher uncovered!  I would have loved to see the "her" side of the bathroom in it's glory day with pink tub, pink vanity, and oh so pink wallpaper!

This is what it looks like today, still so much to do!  I am hoping once we are done it will look something like these pictures!

P.S. I still love watching the HILLS re-runs...


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