Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Marking Off The TO DO's

I feel like I have not really been doing much house related stuff with the exception of adding to our To Do list...  Here is what we knocked out last week.

Some of the sub flooring needed to be replaced.

New sheet rock is almost all the way up in the kitchen.  You may recall that it was covered with a grey backsplash that was impossible to get off with out tearing up the wall so we just replaced all the sheet rock.  Not sure why Rich is sitting down on the job...

Me on the other hand, I am sitting down because of our nightmare trim. 

The trim has one coat of latex paint and then on top of it a coat of oil base. The surface was not properly prepped so the paint literally just peels off in little strips. So what to do? I along with the majority of people out there I thought it needed to all be peeled off before sanding, priming, and painting.

Now peeling this off as my dad said, " Is very labor intensive, about a 200 man hour job." He is right...as I have learned over the years sometimes the hard way, your parents are almost always right and you should head their advice! So he suggested that I at least test out a spot by directly applying the paint to the trim. Well I have been testing and so far so good!   I rubbed down the trim with alchohol, primed it with a latex primer, and then applied latex paint in Acadia White.  After all this I went and got trim samples because I want to put back a bigger base board and add crown moulding everywhere, right now it is just in the living/dining rooms.   I am not sure that what I picked out goes with what is already up  So the saga continues.


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