Sunday, September 18, 2011

Weekend Happenings

Rich and I took Friday off from working on the house.  We opted to stay in and enjoy the cooler weather on the back porch with good food and a cozy fire.

I tried a new salmon recipe my mom has raved about from keep it simple, keep it fresh

Back to the house...  The lovely panel wall before....

In progress!  Papaw worked on putting up the tongue and groove paneling this week.  I did not have my camera to capture shots of him in action but he got a lot done.  We ran out of wood and have to fix a leak around the chimney before we continue, but the wood is on order and Rich has been working on the leak (we found this leak when we had the 10in of rain)!

I made what I think was my 6th trip to the paint store on Saturday and picked up tapestry beige, the first on the left, next in line is manchester tan, followed by silver satin.  Even though I have had doubts about manchester tan I think I am just going to go with it!  Rich likes it and I like it I am just scared....  Having had only white walls my whole life this is huge...ha!

Diana at Our Vintage Home Love has manchester tan in several rooms and it looks great!  I hope mine turns out this well.

The floor man is coming tomorrow to take a reading of the humidty under the house.  It needs to be between 16 and 14 percent before they can put down the floors and I don't think we are there yet....but keep your fingers crossed!  Rich and the guys have been working hard to put measures in place so we do not have any more water problems! 


  1. Thanks Callie! It's looking great! Your dinner outside by the fire looks cozy and wonderful!

  2. I think Manchester tan is a lovely neutral color for the walls....after a while white is so blah....I'm reallying liking the taupe of my apt and I think I will have some kind of color besides white in my house too