Saturday, November 19, 2011

8 to 8

What a day, so much got accomplished!  Thank goodness Mom kept us energized with some yummy chicken casserole. 

Most of the day's activity took place in the master bathroom which used to look like this...

The layout was like a maze and the tile color not so hot.

The walls have been taken down/stripped, and moved around!  The layout is much more open and easy to navigate now.

"Phillips Plumbing" paid us a visit and got the toilet moved as well as a double vanity plumb with no leaks!  Sorry the picture is blurry (it was taken on my cell phone) but these are the Phillip's hard at work ;)

Chloe and Rich's art project....soo cute!..... 

I ordered new front doors on Friday.

Even though I love flowers I can not wait to have them off my front doors.

So, like I said, this weekend has been such a success!  Trim got painted, new drywall got hung, master bath plumbed! 


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