Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Weekend Happenings

I spent the weekend at my parents house while Rich was away on a camping trip.  Chloe made me blueberry pancakes!  Yum!

While flipping through Real Simple magazine I found something to add to my Christmas list....a giant cardboard castle you can color!  Just kidding but I would have loved this as a kid!

When Rich got home he started work on the shower.  The tile man said we should start fresh and go ahead and rip down the old shower so we have...  I have got to start making some decisions about what tile I want to go back with.

Some remnants we found behind the wall of the original shower tile from the 70's, I like these flowers a lot better then the plain peach tile they used to "update" with.

I started white washing the pine paneling.  This is not a very good picture.  The panneling is not that white in person.  Rich however, thinks it needs to be darker...  I am going to apply one coat to the whole wall and then we will see.

This weekend we are installing exterior doors, painting trim, and plumbing the master bath.  Move in day is December 22!  Ha at least that is what I am hoping! 


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