Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hobby Lobby

 I went to hobby lobby on mission to find a hooks for the powder room and master bath.  

I tried to bee line it straight to the hook section but was quickly distracted by this colorful display of summer dishes.  I have been looking for some plastic dishes to use indoor/outdoor in the summer and love all of these!

So cute..right?!?  I am waiting for the 50% off sale!

After my slight detour I got back on track and quickly found some hooks that I liked.
I bought this set of hooks for the master bath.  Wall space is limited in there so I opted to put this set of hooks on the back of the door and utilize the wall space I do have for some artwork.

I am thinking about painting it a light grey but we needed it so bad I went ahead and had Rich hang it.

I am considering these two options to hang a hand towel on in the powder room.

Option: 1


Option: 2

I am leaning towards option 1...

I also found a couple mirrors I liked for the powder room.  I am still going to do some more looking but I am anxious to mark that room off as complete!


  1. Judy Hays has that last mirror with the white frame hanging in her lavender laundry room, and it looks so good!