Saturday, March 3, 2012

Home Office

I am turning one of the bedrooms in our new house into a office/craft room.  I am in need of some storage.  I have so much ribbon, scrapbook paper, paint ect. and would like to store it in something that is easy to get in and out of.  Right now I have everything in a three drawer dresser and it is really hard to navigate.  I am leaning towards cubbie type cabinets like these.

These are from IKEA

 I also think this looks like a great way to file things without having a bulky filing cabinet.  I am keeping a twin bed in this room so this would be perfect at the foot of the bed.

And for all those really important papers a fire proof box.  In the event that something terrible happen...we had multiple tornado warnings on Friday!  It would have been nice to grab a box like this.


  1. I love that file cabinet disguised as a chest! Is that from Ikea too? I may need to get one...

  2. No, it is not from IKEA it is just a regular chest converted. I am sure you could find one at the thrift store or a yard sale!